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Name: Torikkusuta (Japanese for trickster) or Suta for short

Species: Kitsune (Fox Demon)

Age: over five hundred years old

Description: an orange furred nine tailed fox with red eyes, wears a black yukata, with white tabi and geta

Info: Suta was left on the doorstep of a shrine when he was a cub, he was raised by the humans who tended the shrine and became it's guardian, after it burned down in a fire, he decided to find a new home, while flying over Freedom Forest he heard crying and decided to see what it was, he flew down and met his first friend Cupcake, she was afraid of him at first, but after taking her to safety, the two quickly became friends, he decided to stay and after reassuring Leila that he meant no harm, became one of the protectors of the island, the only residents aware of his existence are the children and the guardian, he lives deep within the forest and only leaves the forest to find food, he possesses a demonic sword called Kurama and can use magic, he can also control fire and plants and can shapeshift and can create illusions, he has a soft spot for children and loves playing pranks on people (but he tries not to go too far) also if anyone messes with his tails, he'll curse them also if any adult characters see his true form, he'll erase their memory, he can speak Japanese and English and plays a flute, also depending on what song Suta plays, he can hypnotize people, change the time of day and weather as well as other things and he can open portals to other places and to the demon realm, he can also use chakra and Demon Energy
I'm gonna let the original owner of the cursed character choose what the curse will do, however there are only three rules,
1: no killing
2: no serious injury
3: no children being cursed
the curses are meant to be random, they might wake up to find they've changed genders and/or species or they'll have bad luck, also the curse lasts for 1 week but I will make the time period shorter if the owner wants to but the limit is one day

His plant powers and Demon Energy were inspired by Yoko Kurama from YuYu Hakusho as well as Wood Release from Naruto, His fire powers and chakra powers were inspired by Kurama from Naruto, Renamon and her Champion form Kyubimon from Digimon and Vulpix and it's evolved form Ninetails from Pokemon, his magic was inspired by Renamon's Ultimate form Taomon and her Mega form Sakuyamon and his curse was inspired by Ninetails as well

sorry i don't have a picture of him, if anyone wants to draw him, be my guest

Forestyard, Leila and Cupcake belong to :iconhtfneoheidi:

Suta belongs to me
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November 4, 2012
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